Just joined another site, Clix Sense

I just joined another Pay to Click site called Clix Sense. It's very similar to Adbux or Hits4Pay, where you log into the site, and they may or may not have ads available for you to click on. So the more often you check, the more ads you will find. These are my favorite type of sites to do, I don't like doing the offers or surveys as much.

Some of the details on Clix Sense:

  • Pay out is at $10 by check.
  • There are no fees to join.
  • Most ads you earn 1 cent for viewing for 30 seconds.
  • They do offer an upgrade to Premium member status for $10 via credit card for one year. You cannot use your earnings to pay for the upgrade. You will see more ads if you upgrade.
  • You can earn 10% of your referrals earnings.

It's that easy!