Spring 2008 - Update!

OK, it's been WAY WAY WAY too long since I've updated this blog....so here is a very overdue post on my progress and which sites I'm still doing. Some sites I did not continue with, or my account was closed for inactivity. I will list the sites below that I am still using and what I have earned from them so far.

Adbux: I've received two payments from Adbux for a total of $23.18. They have recently added offers to their site which I have not really started doing. If you like doing offers and pay to click ads, this site is for you. If you upgrade you will get to see more ads as well. My current account balance is only $1.08, so not cashing out soon with them unless I pick up some offers.

Clixsense: I think I have gotten two checks from them, total earned so far is $15.61. I actually earned more,but they charge a fee of a few bucks each time they send you a check. So it really pays to wait to cash out so you can keep more of your money. My current account with them is at $6.68, so I'm close to cashing out again if I do it at their $10 minimum. I've also recently had some new referrals with them, so hopefully the money will start coming in faster! You also get to see more ads if you upgrade your account, and this is one site I highly recommend doing that for.
DealsNCash: I have not cashed out of this site yet, but I'm close, with my current balance at $23.00 and payout at $30.00. This site is just like Hits4Pay, owned by the same company, and I highly recommend signing up for both. This site has fewer ads, but they pay more for some of them.

Hits4Pay: This is one of my favorite sites of all. I just earned my first cash out from them for $25.37. I have 24 referrals on this site which is awesome, as you earn half of what they do for each ad they click. I'd say only about half of them are regularly active, 1/4 of them click here and there, and a 1/4 are not active at all. So it doesn't take much to get the ball rolling. I just got paid by them earlier this month, and my account balance is already up to $2.66. If you have signed up under me for this site...please consider signing up for DealsNCash as well. They are almost identical sites and they both are awesome!

InboxDollars: I earned my first check from this site in December for $27.60. This site also mails a check and charges you a fee for that, but it gives you a LOT of oppurtunity to earn also. They have pay to click emails, usually 2 or 3 a day, they have offers, surveys, games as well as rewards for shopping through the site, so the earnings potential is HUGE. My current account balance with them is $9.20.

So from the sites above, so far I have earned $134.58. Not bad if I do say so myself!

Two other sites I've earned a lot of money from that I would like to plug real quick also, are Bigcrumbs.com and Payperpost.com. Total earned from these two sites is $642.91.

Bigcrumbs.com is a shopping rewards program. It's different from a lot of the rest, because not only do you earn from your shopping, but you can earn from your referrals shopping as well. I have earned $292.49 since I joined the site in November 2006. Less than $30 is from my own shopping, so you can see that getting referrals under you on this site can really pay off quick. Join, tell your sister, BFF, mom, and have them tell their friends and relatives. It really pays off quick! I am also due to get paid $22.81 in April for purchases made in February, and another $22.86 for purchases made so far this month, so total I have earned including these is $338.16.

Payperpost is a site that pays you to include a link in a blog post. If you like to blog, this is a really really easy way to earn some cash. I have earned $304.75 from them, and that was all earned in a period of about 3-4 months. I've been slacking bigtime on my blogging, and have not kept up with it for that reason. Not only is it easy to do, but imagine this. Say you only have one blog now. Why not start two more? Or five more? And then use this site on all of them! The earnings potential s HUGE! Check out the big earners on the homepage, who earn over $1,000 a month using this site. Not only to you earn qucik and easy money by blogging, but they have an awesome referral program as well. Have someone join under you, and after they receive their first payment, you get paid $15. Easy peasy.

My goal right now is to eventually earn just $50 a month using the Pay to Click sites posted at the top, but I will need to gain more referrals to do so. Please consider signing up under me for one or all of the sites, if you are interested in gaining a bit of extra money each month. Please be aware that these are not get-rich-quick schemes. They simply share the ad-revenue generated with their members. The more people that you refer to each program, the more you earn. Many of these sites all also offer a paid upgrade to your membership, which allows you to either gain more referrals or earn more from each referral. Thank you for your consideration! Thanks so much for reading and I truly do appreciate it if you join under me on any of these sites. Please post a reply if you have ANY questions on any of these sites.