Clixsense - worth upgrading!

Just a quick note, since I posted yesterday, I decided to upgrade my Clixsense account to Premium at a cost of $10. As soon as I did, I had over 450 ads available to click! I'clicked all evening and have been clicking all morning, and I still have over 200 to go! Last time I checked, I think my balance was up to $5.55! I think it is definently worth upgrading if you join. If I get all those 450 ads, that almost pays for half the upgrade costs, and I will continue to have more ads in the future. But just by getting through this batch, it should bring my total earned with them to almost $8.00 in about a month! This is also with no referrals (well I had two, but one cancelled and one is inactive, but I did have someone sign up under me yesterday so they don't really count yet!). By upgrading, I think I should be able to cash out at the $10 minium every month! If you haven't joined Clixsense yet, do it! I don't think you'll be dissappointed!

Earnings updates on my PTC/GPT efforts

Well I'm finally earning my first check this month from all of my Pay to Click/Get paid to type of efforts. My first real money made was from Adbux, and I should be paid $11.53 about mid month. Several other sites that I use are getting really close to the required payout limit, and I'm hoping to really see money come in by October/November.

These are the sites I belong too, and the earnings made so far with Clixsense being the most recently joined site just last month:

Clixsense - earned $3.39 so far, joined August 3rd
Details on Clixsense: No sign up bonus, pays 1 cent or more per ad clicked, pays out at $10 via check, may upgrade to Premium account for $10 per year to see more ads, earn 10% of the revenues collected from your referrals and 50% commission on any member you refer who upgrades their account to premium status.

Hits4Pay - earned $15.85 so far, joined May 18th
(site seemed to have fewer ads over the summer, but appears to be more active in the last week or two with a lot more ads to click on)
Details on Hits4Pay: $10 sign up bonus - pays out at $25 - 2 cents for each email you read, 1 cent for each email each referral read

DealsNCash - earned $10.06 so far, joined June 14th
Details on DealsNCash: $5 sign up bonus -pays out at $30 - up to 5 cents for each you email read, 2 cents for each email each referral read

Adbux - earned $11.98 so far total (first payment of $11.53 due on Sept 15), joined May 2oth
Details on Adbux: No sign up bonus - pays out at $10 - up to 1 cent for each email you read, can upgrade to premium account and earn 50% more for each click, may purchase referrals and earn 150% of your referrals' direct click earnings and commissions on any AdBux service that your referrals purchase, and if you upgrade to a premium account take advantage of the Launch Ad Alert which alerts premium users immediately when new ads are available.

InboxDollars - earned $24.90 so far, joined May 10th
Details on InboxDollars: $5 sign up bonus - pays out at $30 - up to 10 cent for each email read, $5 bonus for each referral that signs up (paid to you only after your referrals have received their first payment)

DonkeyMails - earned $1.53 total (first payment of $1.08 received), joined May 16th
Details on DonkeyMails: pays out at only 1 cent via Egold or at $1 via Paypal or AlertPay - minimum of 1/4 cent for each email read, 5% of direct referrals earnings, 4% for 2nd level, 3% for 3rd level, 2% for 4th level, and 1% for 5th level referrals.

The above sites are my favorites, because you literally just have to click on ads/emails to get paid. Total earned on the above sites so far = $67.71.

I also am signed up with a handful of other sites that are based more on doing offers. I find it hard to keep track of these as you aren't supposed to do the same offer on multiple sites, but they can pay very well if you can keep track!

Cash Crate, earned $7.97

DealBarbiePays, earned $10.23

Treasure Trooper, earned $3.65

Total earned on these additional sites = $21.85

All sites together have earned: $67.71 + $21.85=$89.56.

My goal right now is to eventually earn just $50 a month using these sites, but I will need to gain more referrals to do so. Please consider signing up under me for one or all of the sites, if you are interested in gaining a bit of extra money each month.

Please be aware that these are not get-rich-quick schemes. They simply share the ad-revenue generated with their members. The more people that you refer to each program, the more you earn. Many of these sites all also offer a paid upgrade to your membership, which allows you to either gain more referrals or earn more from each referral. Thank you for your consideration!