Thanks CCB ladies!

I just want to thank the ladies from the CCB forum on Ebay, who have come to check out my blog! I appreciate you!

If you joined up under me on any of the programs I have listed here, and you have any questions on how things work, please don't hesitate to email me.

Also, if you joined up for Hits4Pay, don't forget to join DealsNCash also. They are sister sites and are almost identical. Hits4Pay offers $10 just for joining, and DealsNCash offers $5.oo for joining. So if you join both sites, that's a free $15! Plus, on DealsNCash, you make as much as your referrals do for each ad. So on Hits4Pay, your referral may click on a 2 cent ad, and you get 1 cent, if that same ad were on DealsNCash, you would get the full 2 cents also!

Whooo hoooo! 39 ads on Clixsense today!

That's the most I've had in quite awhile at one time from Clixsense! Remember, this may be because I have upgraded my account to a premium member. I usually get 10-15 ads a day, but 39 a day! That's .39 in one day! I wish it were like that all the time!

If you haven't joined yet, please consider joining Clixsense under me, here is my referral link:

I highly recommend upgrading on this site. When I did, I had hundreds of ads to click on. If I recall, just those ads, paid for half of the upgrade fee, so I think it's really worth it.

Whoo hoo! 20 Hits4pay ads in one day!

I think that's a record for me. I've had in the high teens before, but never 20 in one day!

Now they pay me .02 for each ad clicked, so all on my own, that's .40 in one day. Now if all 25 of my referrals also got 20 ads today, that would be 25 x .40 = $10.00 plus my .40, just in one day! That would sure be nice! Please consider signing up today for Hits4pay. If you do, also join their sister site DealsNCash which will pay up to .05 per click!