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This site is owned by the same company as InboxDollars.com, and offers all of the same money making oppurtunities, including paid to read emails, offers, games, surveys and shopping rewards. If you like InboxDollars, please consider signing up with Sendearnings.com as well! They will pay you $5 just for signing up, payout is $30.

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Selling healthy Xocai Chocolate from home

Do you love chocolate?
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I've mentioned this company briefly before, it is something I have signed up with to do just last week. A lot of people, like myself, look at the site and think, ok, that's way to good to be true, so it must be a scam. I want to explain a little bit about how the company works, because it is really simple and it is NOT a scam. If you want to read more about the health claims of this product line, and how it works, please visit this website: http://www.mydrchocolate.com/

Basically, if you sign up to join, you become a distributer of their Healthy Chocolate product line. Similar to the Mary Kay cosmetics company. It is an MLM, which most people assume, only the original founders will make any money, but this company has a compensation plan that cannot be beat. And all you have to do in order to start really doing well, is sign up two people beneath you. Once you have done this, you can start earning extra bonuses and really doing well. Obviously, the more people you get under you, the more you can make, but really, those first two are the essential ones. You can also make money just selling the chocolate. And let me tell you, this chocolate sells itself.

Xocai chocolate has six different products in it's product line, from cookies, to an energy drink, to power square to nuggets. If you are in the health care business, or fitness, dietary, or even if you have a little mom and pop store somewhere, this product is for you. Just put some out on the reception counter or sales counter, and it WILL sell!

If you are looking for a home based business, that is primarily done over the phone and internet, please check out my website here , and take the informational tour. It explains a lot! There are 3 levels, you must purchase the 2nd or 3rd level package to take advantage of their compensation plan. This requires a purchase, which mainly encompasses the product you will have on hand to sell, or even give away. Take a look at ending prices on Ebay for Xocai, this stuff truly sells itself. People try it, and they want more....come on! It's HEALTHY CHOCOLATE!! Please don't hesitate to email me if you have any question whatsoever. This is a WORLDWIDE company, so everyone is welcome!

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Earnings update

I haven't posted earnings from my favorite PTC sites in awhile, so I thought I would share. I always find them fun to view on other blogs, so hopefully you will too! I did take a break from blogging and my Pay to Click sites from November through March, so I obviously didn't earn as much as I could have during that time.

Clixsense: My balance right now is $10.95. I've just changed my payout amount from $10 to $20, so I won't get a check from them right away, maybe next month. The last check I got from them was last December, and they do take out a check fee, so my check last time was only $7.55. That's why I bumped up the payout amount with them. Prior to that, I received my first check from them in October fro $8.06. So total earned so far with them is $26.56.

DealsNCash: My balance with these guys is almost at the cash out point. They payout at $30 (via Paypal which I love) and my balance is at $28.64. I've gotten quite a few referrals lately on this site, and what I love is that you get 2 cents for each ad tour referrals view, so it adds up fast. They will also give you $5 just for signing up. This will be the first payout I have gotten from them, getting a few referrals from them will really speed up how fast you earn with them.

Hits4Pay: I love this site, it' is very similar to DealsNCash. However, you only earn 1 cent for each ad a referral views, but they have a lot more ads than DealsNCash does, so it probably evens out in the end. Their payout is $25 and I reached payout with them back in March and received a payment of $25.87. I am already up to $9.71, which means in total I have earned $35.58. I have more referrals for this site than any other and it does help out. They will also pay you $10 for signing up, which is pretty cool.

InboxDollars: I don't use this site to it's full capacity, I only read the paid emails. You can also earn by doing offers, surveys and earning cash back from shopping. Payout with them is $30 and they pay by check and charge a check fee. I earned my first payment with them last December and my check was for $27.60. My balance is currently at $17.08, so I still have a way to reach my next payment. Total earned with them so far is $44.68. Now, since I received my last check, they have instituted a new Gold Member level, which you automatically receive when you reach payout. This is supposed to reward you with more referral rewards and other benefits including weekly payouts, so I'm anxious to see how it plays out. They will also pay you $5 for joining.

Cashcrate: I have heard such good things about Cashcrate, I really need to try and use this site more. People can make really good money on here, but it's primarily doing offers. I personally prefer the pay-to-click type sites, but if you are into doing offers and maximizing your earnings, this site is really worth checking out. I did receive one payment from them back in October for $10.67, but have really let this site sit idle since then. I do have .56 in my account from referral activity, so that makes total earned so far here $11.23.

Adbux: I have almost given up on these guys. I have a payment that has been stuck in the queue since December. They only pay via Alertpay now, so I had to set up a new account there to get paid. I think that is why my payment is stuck. The number of ads they offer has declined. It sucks because I paid to upgrade my account, and also paid for referrals. Hopefully they will turn things around soon. I did receive one payment from them last November for $11.53. The payment that is pending is for $11.65. I currently have $2.33 in my account with them. So total earned so far is $25.51.

Total earned from above = $172.20

Bigcrumbs.com: This is my most favorite, easiest site of all, and I have earned the most money from them. They are not a PTC or GPT type site. They are a shopping rewards site. All you have to do is get referrals, and hope that they remember to shop through this site. Then they earn cash back and you do to, for five generations deep if you sign up as a Crumbearner. I have made over $357 since I joined in November of 2006. It's EASY passive income!

Make money from home selling chocolate!

I have just signed up for a new way to make money from home. And this system has the potential to earn more than any other plan I've signed up with. It's selling healthy chocolate called Xocai. If you have not heard of this new chocolate, it is amazing, and it truly is healthy! It has an extremely high Anti-oxidant level, and is not made with fats and sugars, like all other chocolates on the market. It is made with blueberries and acai berries, along with cacao, which are some of the highest natural anti-oxidant levels that exist, combined into one yummy healthy type of chocolate, available in several different products.

If this sounds interesting to you, please check out my website here: http://successisbliss.xpowerresults.com/